Are you looking for cycling challenges? Do you want to start cycling more? Are you riding regularly but want to take it to the next level? If your answer is "yes", this article will help you set new goals on two wheels.

If riding a bike is already an incredible experience, achieving challenges and living unique experiences pedaling is something you should experience as a cyclist. The bicycle, as a means of transportion and a way of doing sport at the same time, opens up endless possibilities of use and enjoyment. The range is so wide that it allows people of all levels, ages and different motivations to enjoy it in one way or another.

#KeepOnCycling means keep pedaling, keep enjoying, keep improving yourself, keep sharing moments on the bike... in short, it means being connected with everything that cycling gives you and transmits. A good way to do this is, without a doubt, to set yourself challenges and goals to achieve with your bike. A good time to set them is the beginning of the year. "New year, new resolutions.

Whether you ride a bike on a regular basis or not, in this article you will find ideas for all levels. The goal is clear, that the bike becomes an important element in your life and that you can start or continue enjoying the countless benefits it offers. Let's go there!


Set up your bike and start riding it

If your bike is sitting idle, it's time to give it another chance. Keeping a bicycle idle for a long time could be qualified as a "cycling crime". Don't wait any longer, to start riding it.

But be careful! Before taking your bike which is out of service for a long time, you need to check that it is ready for ride without compromising your safety. Checking and fine-tuning different parts and components such as brakes, wheels and transmission system is essential. This task requires that you take it to a professional workshop before using it.

Once on the bicycle, start riding smoothly, simply enjoying the pleasure of pedaling and at a speed and on a route that you can control perfectly. The main thing at the beginning is to feel comfortable on it and to have the strength and desire to get back on it regularly. As the number of rides increases, you will feel better and better, stronger and more ready to tackle progressively longer and more demanding routes. Remember, getting in shape on a bicycle is not something that happens overnight, it is a gradual process that you should enjoy and plan correctly.

bike maintenance

Go round the city with the bike

Sustainable mobility is here to stay. Fortunately, more and more people are cycling or walking in their daily lives thanks to the adaptation that many cities are experiencing with the construction of bike lanes or the relief of traffic in their nerve centers. Such that the number of people commuting by bike has grown to a rate that is unimaginable just a few years ago.

If you have the possibility to commute by bike to your workplace, school or place where you usually go, try to do it and you will see how you end up making it a regular practice. In addition to keeping you active and doing a little sport, it has many benefits on a mental level, as it helps reduce stress and makes you feel more relaxed.

urban cycling

Make cycling your way of practicing sport

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to do more sport, but you still don't know how to go about it, look no further, cycling is the answer you're looking for.

Starting to ride your bike regularly for training is a great way to get in shape. Why? Cycling, in addition to having many benefits on a physical level, with the improvement of endurance and at the same time power, has many other factors that get you excited and make you feel great. For example, the possibility of discovering new routes, the pleasure of reaching incredible places with your legs and the experience of sharing miles with other people with whom you share a passion.

The simple fact of doing a bike route is already doing sport, but if you want to show noticeable improvements, surpass yourself and get to set more demanding challenges, do specific training as series, cadence control, routes with a lot of slope ... are some of the ways to enjoy cycling from its more "competitive" side. And remember, improvement must be progressive and constant, you must know yourself and never set unattainable goals. Patience, knowledge and order are the keys to improve and know how you are at every moment.


Sign up for a cyclosportive rid

If, as we have proposed in the previous point, you train on a regular basis and you like challenges and new experiences on two wheels, do not miss the opportunity to participate in a ride.

When you train, either alone or in a group, it always helps to be more motivated to have a goal in mind. Setting a race on the calendar and basing your training on reaching it in good condition is a unique experience. Not only will you enjoy the race, but at the end, when you cross the finish line, you will value all the ways and the training that has led you to complete it. You will be proud of what you have achieved and you will be eager to keep on improving yourself.

However, this point is an evolution of taking your bike on a regular basis and training with it. That is to say, you don't want to run too much and sign up for a ride soon after you start riding or without the proper training, as this can result in a bad experience. As with everything in life, every finish line has work and perseverance behind it.

cyclosportive rid

Cyclotourism, the magic of discovery by bicycl

Do you like the feeling of discovering new places, getting to know new customs and escaping from your routine? Can you imagine doing all this by pedaling? If you are passionate about cycling and tourism, this has a name that unites them and makes them a reality: cycle touring, which means to travel through incredible places on your bike and get ready to live unforgettable experiences!

A good New Year's resolution can be to make a trip where your bicycle is present. It will turn from a resolution into a hobby, because once you try cycling, what happens in most cases is that you want to repeat and you soon find yourself looking for another destination and organizing the next getaway. Do not miss the article where we talk about the 5 essential bike routes to start cycling, you will find the best ideas to do it as well as tips and recommendations.


Transmit cycling, encourage other people to go out with their bikes.

A good list of resolutions should not only include things to do for yourself, but should also take others into account. In other words, resolutions that involve enjoying yourself with other people or helping other people feel good will be great resolutions.

To achieve this, cycling can be a good way. Transmitting that passion for bicycle and encouraging others to start cycling or fulfilling one of the above purposes is very effective and rewarding. Therefore, make it your purpose to share cycling, to make people around you enjoy cycling and experience together unique moments on the bicycle.

There are so much for some of the cycling ideas for this new year. Let's hope that you fulfill some of the resolutions on this list and that bicycle is very evident in your life throughout the year.

Do you have a purpose related to bike? We will be happy to read and know it, either in comments or through our RRSS.


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