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It's been more than 20 years since our passion for cycling and bicycles pushed us to contribute our vision to this rapidly evolving world.

That's when Eltin was born with a clear mission: to be the benchmark brand in accessible and functional cycling solutions for all types of cyclists.

From that moment on, our team has not stopped growing and, just like on the first day, we continue to think up, design and manufacture the products and accessories that best suit the cyclist and their needs.

We pedal every day so that the cycling community is better prepared and we help to create more sustainable societies where bicycles play an increasingly important role

Our only way of understanding cycling

Strict quality standards throughout the process to exceed your expectations

Designs with a defined personality and style that give the cyclist confidence and security

Expansive distribution network so you can find the products you need wherever you need them

Caiman Lock

The security your bike needs

Bicycle theft has multiplied in recent years. At Eltin, we wanted to do something to try to stop this trend, which is why in 2017 we created the Caiman Lock.

The Caiman Lock range adapts to your needs with versatile products, all of which are well designed and manufactured with the best materials and different levels of security.

Dirt Out

Your bike, always ready to go

Our passion for bikes led us to launch Dirt Out in 2018, a brand that offers everyone specific bike cleaning and maintenance products and their components.

In the Workshop section, explore the Dirt Out tools, supplies and chemicals such as lubricants, cleaners and degreasers or sealants.

We want to hear you

Eltin is a cycling brand for cyclists. We create our products to help you improve your performance and make you enjoy each ride more and more.

Have any suggestions? Any comments? Go ahead and tell us about your experience with the brand. With your comments you'll help us to make increasingly better products.

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