Dirt Out brake cleaner aerosol 400ml
Dirt Out brake cleaner aerosol 400ml

Dirt Out brake cleaner aerosol 400ml

Brake cleaner that helps to maintain the effectiveness of the braking system by removing dust, grease, oil and dirt in general, including any possible shrieking noises and contamination that the brake discs may produce.

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Brake cleaner: 400 ml


The Eltin brake cleaner helps maintain braking system effectiveness by removing dust, grease, oil, and general dirt, including potential squeaks and contamination that brake discs may produce.


Position yourself in an open and well-ventilated area. Shake the container and generously spray both sides of the disc and brake pads with the brake cleaner. Allow a few seconds for the liquid to completely evaporate. Then, remove any possible dirt residue on the disc with a cloth or paper. Repeatedly activate the brake lever until it regains its usual bite.


Apply generously until the disc and pads are completely wet. Its use is recommended whenever the disc or pads are dirty and/or braking efficiency is reduced

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